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R2 Launches a New and Improved Training Offering

R2, the leading experts in chlor-alkali safety and performance optimization, is proud to announce our brand-new training offering, including new and improved standard and expert courses. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we at R2 and many of our customers have transitioned to working from home. To help overcome this unprecedented situation, we have started offering all our courses in online formats (in addition to the onsite format which will resume when it becomes safe to do so).  

In addition to transitioning to a virtual format, we have also completely revamped our training offering to better meet the needs of our customers. With that in mind, all of our standard training presentations have been bolstered with additional material and enhanced visual aids, while our advanced trainings have been expanded to include a wider range of oft-request topics to improve safety, efficiency, and savings. 

You can find the complete details for all our available courses by visiting our training product page and downloading the datasheet.

Schedule a Training Session

There are currently no online training sessions scheduled, but if you contact are sales team we can schedule a personalized session.