Training Offering

INCREASE plant SAFETY & SAVINGS by investing in training from R2

Whether you are looking to train new employees on our products or refresh your own knowledge, R2 offers a wide variety of trainings suitable for all skill levels. The options are divided into standard and expert level training:  

Standard trainings are given by an R2-certified operations specialist or engineer and  cover required topics and standard products.   

Expert trainings are given by an R2-certified chlor-alkali expert and cover advanced topics and products.  

All trainings are offered in two formats:  

  • On site:lecture and hands-on training with R2 products, adapted to your workflow.  
  • Online:lecture followed by a Q&A.  

We currently offer the following standard trainings:

  • EMOS® Operator Training 
    • Empower new and current operators with the necessary knowledge to properly use the R2 Safety System and EMOS® View software.  
  • EMOS® Process Engineer Training
    • Gain a more in-depth understanding of the topics covered in the Operator Training in addition to more advanced concepts such as event investigation and data analysis.  
  • EMOS® System Administrator Training
    • Provide system administrators and IT specialists with the knowledge necessary to maintain and troubleshoot the R2 software systems.
  • EMOS® SIL2 Safety System Training
    • Gain an understanding of the SIL2 Safety system: how the various components fit together and function, and how to troubleshoot and maintain the system.
  • EMOS® Asset Management Training
    • Learn how to effectively track asset movements, maintenance activities, and asset properties using the EMOS® Asset Management Database (AMD) software.  

We also offer the following expert trainings:

  • EMOS® Asset Performance Report Training
    • Learn how to effectively use the EMOS® Asset Performance Report software to track the key performance indicators (U0, k, C.E., UN, SPC) of individual cells and to calculate savings and payback time of individual cell component replacements for economics based electrolyzer maintenance.  
  • EMOS® Maintenance Strategy Training
    • Learn how to develop and to apply the best electrolyzer maintenance strategy depending on the individual cell/electrolyzer/plant performance, production situation, spare part availability etc.  
  • EMOS® Advanced Safety & Maintenance Training
    • Learn in detail the membrane electrolysis process, possible faults, their consequences, and appropriate countermeasures. Depending on the specific EMOS® products in operation methods to early detect problems and to identify the components to be maintained are explained.  
  • EMOS® Advanced EDE Training
    • Learn the EDE model update strategy, the interpretation of EDE alarms, how to react as an operator and how to use EDE trends to identify component aging for maintenance decisions.  
  • EMOS® Advanced Advisory Training
    • Gain an understanding of detectable faults, their consequences, and the proposed countermeasures as well as the process of fault and countermeasure customization for plant specific purposes.

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Empower yourself to make the right decisions regarding plant safety and performance and to effectively use the EMOS® system.