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About Us

experience, expertise, and knowledge

Since its inception IN 1989, R2 has specialized in the designdevelopment, and implementation of analytical monitoring systems (intelligent systems) geared at industrial process safety, predictive maintenance and optimization.

We continue to use our information technology knowledge and electrochemical expertise to develop, produce and deliver practical solutions large scale electrolysis plants likechlor-alkali, chlorate, and water electrolyis.

Cell Room Safety Innovation

Over a quarter century ago, R2 was first to develop a single cell voltage monitoring system. Today, we monitor over 90,000 elements across the world; with the knowledge we have obtained, we have developed new tools bringing intelligent solutions to the electrolysis industry. R2’s products and services are installed in 33 countries around the world and our growing customer-base counts an impressive user list that are leaders in their field.

It’s more than just monitoring… It is this intelligence we offer you with the latest generation of the EMOS® SIL2 Safety System.


There is a reason why most leading chlor-alkali, chlorate, and water electrolysis plants all around the world trust R2 for the safety of their cell room:

Leaders and Innovators

At R2 we are constantly listening to our customers’ wants & needs. This enables us to create innovative solutions to their evolving challenges.  It translates into an impressive user list. R2’s technology has been, and continues to be, adopted by the world’s largest producers.

Experience and Knowledge

Since 1989, we have been monitoring over 90 000 cells from all technology providers; coupled with our employees’ expertise, this makes R2 the undeniable leading expert when it comes to what goes on inside an electrolyser, whether it is related to safety, maintenance of the cells or process optimization.

Independent and Neutral

As a third-party provider, R2 can help determine not only what is going on inside the electrolyser but we can also help you determine the source of a problem. Whether it is a safety or a performance issue, we can help sort out the causes and assist in finding solutions. Our customers can trust that we will never be in a position of conflict of interest.

Outstanding Customer Service

We cherish the relationship we have with our customers. This starts with excellent employees who are skilled, knowledgeable and care about a job well done, and results in more than satisfied customers.

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