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EMOS® Single Cell Temperature Evaluator


The cell temperature depends on the performance of the individual cell. In an electrolyser the worst cell has the highest cell temperature and the best cell the lowest. Normally only the average cell temperature of the electrolyser is monitored by electrolyte outlet temperature measurement and controlled via electrolyte inlet flow and temperature. Cells with higher or lower temperature operate outside the best economic temperature range, and sometimes even outside the allowed temperature range, which can damage the membranes irreversibly and often requires an unplanned shutdown for maintenance.

The EMOS® Single Cell Temperature Evaluator calculates via heat balance the individual cell temperatures and allows the operator to adjust electrolyte flow/ temperature and/ or current to increase membrane lifetime, current efficiency and decrease power consumption.

The EMOS® Single Cell Temperature Evaluator accesses the electrolyser inlet flows and temperatures (inlet and outlet) via the OPC gateway from the DCS.

Key Features and Benefits


Extend Membrane Lifetimes

Plant Specific Customization

Increase Current Efficiency

Alarms on High and Low Temperatures

Lower Power Consumption

Necessary Data for Minimizing Temperature Difference Between Cells


The EMOS® Single Cell Temperature Evaluator, as an extension of the EMOS® SIL2 Safety System, monitors the temperature of the individual electrolyzer cells. This data can be used to adjust the temperature or the flow rate of the brine passing through the electrolyser.