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EMOS® Asset Performance Reports

Performance-based decisions

The EMOS® Asset Performance Reports is your decision making tool. It provides customizable analysis and reporting capabilities based on the combined information from the EMOS® Safety System, EMOS® Asset Management Database and EMOS® Cell Performance Analyzer.

This powerful tool allows you to track the economic performance of individual cells and cell components (coatings and membranes) in order to determine the optimal replacement or maintenance time.

  • Analysis of cell/component performance (anode, membrane, cathode)
  • Trending of specific power consumptionnormalized voltage and current efficiency of individual cells
  • Quantification of production cost savings for replacement of individual cells
  • Ranking of cells according to calculated savings if replaced
  • Visualization of component characteristics (membrane/coating type etc.)
  • Correlation between component characteristics and performance
  • Performance tracking based on time and produced tons of caustic soda

And much more…

Key Features and Benefits


Observe the Effects of Asset Characteristics on Performance

Trend KPI Values by Asset or Position

Calculate the Potential Savings of Replacing Specific Components

Customizable Savings Reports

Compare the Production of Different Component Types

Trend Component Performance Based on Production

Correlate Process Data with KPI, Component s, and Events

Multiple Color-Coded Visualizations, Including: Bar, Trend, and Pie Charts


A key product in the EMOS® Predictive Maintenance Package, the EMOS® Asset Performance Reports offers advanced analytical functions using data from both EMOS® Asset Management Database and EMOS® Cell Performance Analyzer.