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Join R2 at the AMAI Conference 2024

R2 is gearing up for the Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI) conference on Corrosion Challenges and Advancement in Corrosion Combating Materials from March 14-15th in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  As specialists in electrolyzer safety, performance, and maintenance, we understand the critical importance of combating corrosion in the alkali industry.

The Alkali Industry faces significant challenges in terms of corrosion. With products like caustic soda, chlorine, and hydrochloric acid posing significant corrosion challenges, selecting the right materials is paramount for equipment longevity and operational stability of equipment and components.

During the conference, esteemed experts will convene to share insights and innovations aimed at tackling corrosion-related issues head-on, including advancements in cutting-edge materials.

R2 is excited to be a part of this event and look forward to engaging with industry professionals, enthusiasts, and innovators. Whether at the conference or beforehand, we invite you to connect with us to explore how R2 can assist in addressing your electrolyzer safety, performance, and maintenance needs.

If you’re attending the show or in the area and would like to meet, we encourage you to contact us 

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