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Webinar: How to Save Energy and Increase Production with a Better Maintenance Strategy

Americas edition

This webinar has already taken place.

Duration: 60 minutes

You are invited to join us for R2 upcoming webinar that will discuss the main approaches used for making maintenance decisions in the chlor-alkali industry (e.g. keeping or replacing membranes, cathodes and anodes), and how the right maintenance strategy can help reduce energy consumption and increase production volumes.

The webinar includes a demonstration of the following items:

You will learn:

  • The different maintenance strategies available
  • The common maintenance strategy used by chlor-alkali producers
  • Why the common maintenance strategy is not the best one
  • The key performance indicators for maintenance decisions
  • What maintenance strategy is the best for membranes and electrodes

Webinar is suitable for:

Process engineers, production managers, maintenance engineers, plant managers and anybody working in chlor-alkali who is involved in deciding if a membrane or electrode should be replaced, and when.