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Webinar: Improving Your Asset Tracking and Maintenance Strategies


Fill out the form below to access our previously recorded webinar that explore R2’s Asset Management Database, a powerful asset tracking software specifically tailored for chlor-alkali and sodium chlorate plant needs, that offers sophisticated reporting and helps improve asset maintenance.

Tracking all your assets (membranes, anodes, cathodes, gaskets, etc) can be a tedious and time-consuming task. For instance, you might wonder the last time a specific anode was sent for repair, when was a cathode last recoated, or the age of the membranes in electrolyser 5. All these questions are not easy to answer without a solid asset tracking solution. Another related challenge is that reporting is oftentimes very limited in most in-house or commercial databases.


  • How do you track your assets? Comparing the benefits of AMD over other asset tracking solutions.
  • What is your maintenance strategy? Demonstrating the newest AMD features and improvements.
  • Where is your data? Exploring the Enterprise version of AMD.
  • What’s included? Detailing the scope of a typical AMD installation.
  • Focus on the customer: Our user-centric approach to product development and support.
  • R2 Predictive Maintenance: An overview of additional products to enhance your maintenance strategy.

Primarily geared towards:

Anyone who wishes to improve the asset tracking and maintenance strategies at their plant or company.

Improving your asset tracking and maintenance strategies

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