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Join R2 at the XII CLOROSUR Technical Seminar 2022

R2 is happy to announce that from November 20th to 23rd, 2022 we will be participating and presenting at the XII CLOROSUR International Technical Seminar and Table-Top Expo.

Back-to-back with the Technical Seminar, on Friday, November 23 the
CLOROSUR AND WCC will hold its Safety Workshop – Sustainability focused
on Process Safety Management (PSM).
Parallel to the CLOROSUR Technical Seminar and Safety Workshop – Sustainability, a Table-Top Expo featuring technology suppliers, materials and equipment manufacturers, as well as companies that provide services to the Chlor-alkali industry will allow participants to meet their representatives.

R2 will be making a presentation, and participating in the Table-Top Expo. Come join us at our table!

The event will take place at Costa do Sauipe hotel complex, Sauipe Resorts, Brazil, from November 20th to 23rd, 2022.

See you in BRAZIL in:

Thanks for joining us in Brazil. See you next time!