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Euro Chlor Vision for Chlor-Alkali Industry by 2050

Euro Chlor just released its “Mid-Century Strategy for a Sustainable Chlor-Alkali Industry” that outlines what Euro Chlor and its 38 producing members aim to achieve by 2050. This vision is clear: “Towards a safe, competitive and green European chlor-alkali industry”.

Euro Chlor defines 4 key elements as part of this strategy:

  1. Safety Leader. Euro Chlor aims to further improve safety and achieve zero lost-time (LTI) injuries incidents.
  2. Competitive Supplier. Among other goals, the European association wants to “boost the industry’s image as an attractive employer, increase awareness on value and uses of chlor-alkali products.”
  3. Climate Neutral Player. To reduce the amount of electricity consumed, Euro Chlor wants to “collect data on innovative technologies to make chlor-alkali production even more energy efficient.”
  4. Circularity Champion. Euro Chlor aims to increase the recycling of chlor-alkali products and reach zero-waste production.

Although this strategy was built for and by European chlor-alkali producers, R2 believes it captures the concerns and priorities that chlor-alkali producers all around the world have shared with us. With many products that increase plant safety and improve plant energy efficiency, R2 stands ready to support producers in this ambitious but necessary journey towards a greener and safer industry.  

The full “Mid-Century Strategy” is available from Euro Chlor at:

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