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Providing Safe and Profitable Production

Electrochemical processes, including brine electrolysis for chlor-alkali production, are energy intensive and potentially hazardous. As membrane production technologies evolve and become more sophisticated, the operating risks increase; as energy price rises, so do production costs.

The EMOS® Single Cell Voltage Monitoring System has been the benchmark in terms of safety since 1989. We are continuously researching and developing new solutions to help chlor-alkali and chlorate companies achieve their ultimate goal of manufacturing high quality products safely, at the lowest possible cost.


EMOS®: Electrolyser Management Optimization and Safety

Information delivered by the EMOS® System helps to improve both plant safety and efficiency. With many existing clients, EMOS® has led to significant changes in operational and maintenance guidelines, changes that have noticeably contributed to profitability.

Since EMOS® provides precise information on the electrolytic process parameters and electrolyser components, users get a clear picture of the operational performance component state and life expectancy providing the ability to select an optimal path towards production and cost efficiency.

Increased Safety

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Production Cost & Energy Reduction

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Asset Usage Optimization

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