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Production Cost & Energy Reduction


Each industry faces its own unique challenges to increase efficiency and maintain a competitive advantage. “Intelligent Monitoring” solutions have begun to change the way the business world looks at automated processes, allowing for significant growth in revenues through reduction of costs, proving that intelligent systems and the knowledge they bestow directly contributes to the overall profitability of a company.

At R2 we know that the electrochemical industry is no exception and we have devoted our efforts over the past two decades to developing and implementing value-based solutions for chlor-alkali producers.

Optimize outputs and costs

A key element in reducing production costs is the ability to know what is going on inside your electrolyser and identifying the exact performance of each of your cells. You can then keep your over-performers and get rid of your underperformers which cost more to operate than to replace. R2 has developed intelligent tools that optimize both outputs and cost, by using neural networks which propose optimal operating parameters in order to optimize key performance indicators.

With our knowledge we can help steer you in the right direction to solve your production cost and energy reduction goals, such as:

  • Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reduced Asset Downtime
  • Higher Return on Assets (ROA)

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