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EMOS® Process Engineer Online Training

Live on December 3rd, 8 AM CT, 3 PM CET


Gain a more in-depth understanding of the topics covered in the Operator Training in addition to more advanced concepts such as event investigation and data analysis.

Target Audience 

This training should be attended by process engineers. It can also be attended by control system specialists, plant managers, and anyone else that may need to go more in-depth with the EMOS® View software.


  • EMOS® Operator Training [SP970] (required) 
  • R2 SIL2 Safety System installed at your plant 
  • EMOS® View software (this training does not cover the EMOS® Monitoring software)

Training Topics

  • R2 Control Panel Overview 
  • Alarm Management 
  • Modifying Hardware SIL Settings Using the IFOCOM Web Server 
  • Pinhole Detection 
  • Single Cell Temperature (SCT)
  • Early-Detection Engine (EDE) 
  • EMOS® Visual Extractor 
  • Review

$400 USD | 2 Hours | Online Session 

8 AM CT (Dallas, New Orleans) 

3 PT CET (Berlin, Paris) 


To attend, please fill out the registration form below.