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EMOS® Operator Online Training

Live on December 1st, 8 AM CT, 3 PM CET


Empower new and current operators with the necessary knowledge to properly use the R2 Safety System and EMOS® View software.  

Target Audience 

This training should be attended by cell room operators and process engineers. It can also be optionally attended by system administrators, instrumentation specialists, and electricians. 


  • R2 SIL2 Safety System installed at your plant 
  • EMOS® View software (this training does not cover the EMOS® Monitoring software.) 

Training Topics 

  • SIL2 Safety System Overview 
  • EMOS® View 
  • SIL2 Safety Algorithms 
  • Pinhole Detection 
  • Single Cell Temperature Evaluator (SCT) 
  • Early-Detection Engine (EDE) 
  • Alarms 
  • EMOS® Advisory 
  • Review 

$400 USD | 2 Hours | Online Session 

8 AM CT (Dallas, New Orleans) 

3 PT CET (Berlin, Paris) 


To attend, please fill out the registration form below.