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White Paper on EMOS® Safety System and BVMS

Differences Between EMOS® Safety System and Balance Voltage Monitoring System

Three main types of systems are available to safeguard membrane chlor-alkali plants against faults, with widely different levels of protection: balance voltage monitoring systems (BVMS), single cell voltage monitoring systems, and R2’s EMOS® SIL2 safety system based on single cell voltage monitoring and on the analysis of the current-voltage-time relationship of individual cells versus the neighbour cells. Find out in this white paper how they work and how they perform.

White paper contents:

  • Operating principles of BVMS and EMOS® safety system
  • Their 4 key differences
  • The voltage limit algorithm (trip level) of BVMS and its weaknesses
  • The 4 voltage limit algorithms (trip levels) of EMOS safety system
  • How the BVMS and EMOS® safety system respond to three kinds of incidents: leaking cell, short circuit, and membrane failure.