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October 16, 2007

R2 to give technical presentation at CloroSur 2007 annual meeting

Montreal, QC, Canada, October 16, 2007 – R2 announces today that is has been invited to give a technical presentation at the CloroSur 2007 chlor alkali and derivatives industry conference, which will be held at the Casa Grande Hotel in Guaruja, SP, Brazil from November 7-9, 2007. An outline of the technical presentation is as follows:

Intelligent Systems and the Chlor Alkali Industry: Realizing Maximum Efficiencies
Gilles J. Tremblay, President, R2

Effective process monitoring and management is critical for the reliability of any plant’s operations. Deviation from normal performance within any facet of the operational envelope can have a negative impact on overall process safety and efficiency, and can carry with it risks of evolving into serious or catastrophic incidents.

Intelligent process monitoring has already changed the way the business world looks at automated processes in many industries. It has allowed for significant improvements in safety and environmental impact protocols, reduction of operating costs, and growth of revenues, proving that intelligent systems and the knowledge they bestow will play a major role in the technological development of automated industrial processes.

This presentation will focus on the role that intelligent monitoring and analysis systems can play in the chlor-alkali industry to ensure that we can achieve new standards in safety and sustainability. A brief excerpt of the proposed presentation content is as follows:

  •  Brief introduction/description of R2 (background).
  •  Brief introduction to the use of intelligent systems for industrial condition monitoring and diagnostics.
  •  Macro-environmental factors (market influences) and industry trends supporting the need for quantitative improvements in the chlor-alkali industry.
  •  A look at the specific challenges of the electrochemical environment with respect to reliable, precision data acquisition required for advanced analyses.
  •  Limitations of conventional safety and monitoring systems.
  •  Chlor alkali advanced monitoring and analysis benefits.
    •  Impacts on plant safety & associated costs (reduction of process “incidents”)
    • Condition monitoring of critical assets, a proactive maintenance approach (increase useful lifetimes/reduce maintenance and replacement costs of critical components)
    • Process performance monitoring, characterization and prediction; staying within the desired performance envelope.
    • Reducing energy consumption, what current efficiency can do for you (reduction of operating costs).
  •  Requirements for reliable data acquisition (the cornerstone of intelligent process systems).
  •  Available technologies (EMOS – Electrolyser Management & Optimization System)
  •  Conclusions
  •  Q & A (if applicable)

In addition to giving the above outlined technical presentation, R2 will also be showcasing it’s flagship products EMOS® (Electrolyser Management & Optimization System) for the duration of the conference at the Table-Top Exposition.

R2 is very pleased to be affiliated with CloroSur and is honored to have this opportunity to participate in this year’s conference.

R2 specializes in the design, development and implementation of solution based analytical advanced monitoring systems (intelligent systems) for industrial process optimization. Precise monitoring of critical process parameters and components helps R2’s clients achieve their business goals by maximizing process efficiency and reducing operating costs. R2 believes in strong relationships with its partners, allowing them to achieve common goals and objectives for the benefit of industrial technological advancement and growth.