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February 10, 2014

Intelligent Systems for Safe and Profitable Production of Chlor Alkali, with a vision!

Montreal, QuebecR2 the leader in cell room solutions for Safe and Profitable Production of Chlor Alkali and Chlorate, is proud to announce its vision. Following several cities of Germany, Belgium, Port Edwards, France, Saudia Arabia, Brazil, Japon, Texas, USA , now comes the markets of India and Russia.

Already strategically positioned on the international marketing since 1989, R2 attracts an active and dynamic clientele, thanks to safely producing high quality products at the lowest possible costs. Inspired from the latest trends in design and needs of their customers, R2 helps companies like Asahi Glass in Japan, Sayanks in Russia and Ineos Chlor Vinyl to control their production cost.

R2 is a responsible and audacious business leader in the Chlor Alkali sector. It offers an enjoyable and genuine experience to all kinds of clients.

‘’ We are happy and proud to introduce the R2 brand in Russia and India’’, declared Gilles Tremblay, CEO of R2. ‘’ It is our vision to offer high-quality products and Help our customers implement safety and security in their plants. R2 is constantly developing solutions to help Chlor Alkali and Chlorate companies achieve their goals’’.

About R2

R2 specializes in the design, development, and implementation of intelligent systems geared at industrial safety process, predictive maintenance and process optimization.

We provide world leading cell room safety systems. Top manufactures and market leaders worldwide trust EMOS® to assure their safety and reduce their production costs

Since its inception in 1989, R2 has devoted its information technology know-how and electrochemical expertise to developing, producing and delivering practical solutions to the electrochemical industries. Backed by unique expertise and knowledge, gained from monitoring over 50.000 cells in 22 different countries, R2 offers a series of tools for the chlor alkali industry.

These solutions provide:

  • Increased Safety
  • Energy Cost reduction
  • Optimized asset use
  • Production cost optimization