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November 18, 2013

R2 Successfully Completes EMOS® SIL2 Installation at JSC Sayanskhimplast Facility in Sayansk, Russia

Montreal, QuebecR2 announces today it has successfully completed the installation of the latest generation of the SIL2 rated EMOS® (Electrolyser Maintenance Optimization and Safety) System for electrochemical process monitoring of membrane technology electrolysers at the JSC Sayanskhimplast chlor alkali facility in Sayansk, Russia.

The SIL2 rated EMOS® high fidelity cell voltage data acquisition system combined with its advanced engineering and data analysis tools are providing Sayanskhimplast unparalleled visibility and reliability for electrolyser process monitoring. Beyond the basic alarm and safety functions, EMOS® is providing advanced electrolyser condition monitoring for qualitative insight into the operational performance of critical components, resulting in a precise, proactive approach to electrolyser maintenance and scheduling.

JSC Sayanskhimplast (Irkutsk Region) was set up on the basis of JSC Sayanskhimprom production plants in 1998. JSC Sayanskhimplast is a complex comprising large-capacity chlor-organic plants associated by an integrated production cycle with common consumption of feedstock, energy resources, all intermediates and by-products.
JSC Sayanskhimplast is the largest Russian PVC producer. Its share in the total PVC (polyvinyl chloride) output in the country equals to about 45%. Among other products manufactured by Sayanskhimplast are caustic soda, flexible PVC for cable insulation, rigid PVC profiles and Belizna bleaching agent.

R2 specializes in the design, development, and implementation of intelligent systems geared at industrial safety process, predictive maintenance and process optimization.

We provide world leading cell room safety systems. Top manufactures and market leaders worldwide trust the R2 EMOS® System to assure their safety and reduce their production costs

Since its inception in 1989, R2 has devoted its information technology know-how and electrochemical expertise to developing, producing and delivering practical solutions to the electrochemical industries. Backed by unique expertise and knowledge, gained from monitoring over 60.000 cells in 22 different countries, R2 offers a series of tools for the chlor alkali industry.

These solutions provide:

  • Increased Safety
  • Energy Cost reduction
  • Optimized asset use
  • Production cost optimization