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December 14, 2009

Eka Chimie Canada places order to install its 3rd generation of EMOS hardware at their sodium chlorate production facility at Magog, Qc

November 23, 2009, Montreal, QC, Canada – R2 is pleased to announce that it has received and order from Eka Chimie Canada Inc. to supply and install its newest generation of MODA for the EMOS system presently installed at their sodium chlorate production facility in Magog, Qc. The MODA assembly is one of R2’s proprietary hardware technologies developed to provide the highest possible precision and reliability for measuring single element voltages on electrolytic cells (±1.5mV).
This installation will bring the 3rd generation of MODA to Eka’s Magog facility marking a major milestone for the continued value and reliability that EMOS has brought to their operations over the past 20 years.

Eka Chimie has been operating EMOS at it’s Magog facility since 1989, and has been using EMOS as the plants primary electrolyser safety (emergency shutdown) and operations management system since 1994. The data provided by EMOS has also allowed Eka to achieve substantial benefits for optimizing maintenance activities, such as electrode recoating programs.

“R2’s success has always come from its associations and collaborations with industry leaders such as Eka Chimie. We look forward to another 20 years!” said Gilles J. Tremblay, President of R2.

“EMOS has always been very reliable as an emergency shutdown system and extremely useful in allowing us to perform effective electrolyser monitoring. It has become an essential equipment in our plant.” said Marc Tardif, Chlorate Technology Specialist Eka Chimie.
Installation of the new MODA is scheduled for early 2010.

R2 specializes in the design, development and implementation of solution based analytical advanced monitoring systems (intelligent systems) for industrial process optimization. Precise monitoring of critical process parameters and components helps R2’s clients achieve their business goals by maximizing process efficiency and reducing operating costs. R2 believes in strong relationships with its partners, allowing them to achieve common goals and objectives for the benefit of industrial technological advancement and growth.

Eka Chimie is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bleaching and performance chemicals for the pulp and paper industry. Our long experience gives us a result-oriented approach to pulp and paper chemicals and their use. We also develop and market specialty chemicals for other industrial applications.