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June 9, 2006

Chlorine Engineers Corp. have selected R2’s EMOS® for PPG membrane electrolysis project in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Montreal, Quebec, CanadaR2 has been contracted to supply Chlorine Engineers Corp. (CEC) with their EMOS® (Electrolyser Management & Optimization system) technology for the performance monitoring of their membrane cell technology electrolysers being installed at PPG’s chemicals plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

“EMOS® is a logical choice for this state-of-the-art facility to further increase plant safety, reduce energy consumption, and minimize environmental risks through optimized production efficiency and process visibility,” said Michel Forest, P.Eng, Director of Projects & Product Development for R2.

EMOS® features the high fidelity, accurate measurement of single element voltages. Using the measured data collected by EMOS® patented hardware, EMOS®software utilities are able to detect deviations for the normal expected operational envelope in real-time. This will allow PPG operators to be informed of potential hazards before a situation becomes critical and an unplanned shutdown of operations is required.

R2 specializes in the design, development and implementation of solution based analytical advanced monitoring systems (intelligent systems) for industrial process optimization. Precise monitoring of critical process parameters and components helps R2’s clients achieve their business goals by maximizing process efficiency and reducing operating costs. R2 believes in strong relationships with its partners, allowing them to achieve common goals and objectives for the benefit of industrial technological advancement and growth.

CEC specializes in delivering process technologies focused on electrolysis, water treatment, and separation performance. A world leader in ion exchange membrane technology, CEC also offers full service engineering and procurement for the development of their numerous projects. Since its inception in 1973 CEC has stressed the importance of safe ecological technologies to fulfill social needs and provide sustainable development of valuable chemical resources.