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Case study: How Vestolit saves maintenance costs

Remembraning and Recoating Optimization at Vestolit, Marl

In Marl (Germany), Vestolit operates the biggest fully integrated vinyl production site in Europe with a total capacity of 400,000 tons. The chlor-alkali plant on this site comprises 8 electrolyzers with 180 cells each and produces 294 kilotons of caustic soda per year. Like all chlor-alkali plants, they face the difficult change to decide when to remembrance and recoat their cells. Peter Fischer, plant manager for chlorine & caustic at Marl, summarizes the issue: “Membranes and electrodes are expensive parts to replace and running degraded membranes or electrodes significantly increases our electricity costs. Accordingly, finding the best timing to remembrane and recoat each cell is key to optimize our plant production and keep our costs under control.”

Read this case study to find our how R2’s predictive maintenance service (Cell Performance Analyzer) helps Vestolit optimize their remembraning and recoating activities.