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Safety and Intelligence


The safety of your chlor-alkali and chlorate cell-room is our primary objective. We offer products that can help protect against irreversible damage caused by a variety of issues such as:

  • Anode coating loss
  • Cathode coating loss
  • Electrode passivation
  • Membrane poisoning
  • Insufficient electrolyte feed
  • Cell temperature control failure
  • Electrolyte concentration control failure
  • Differential pressure out of range
  • Cell leakage
  • Membrane pinholes, tears and blisters
  • Short circuits

EMOS® SIL2 Safety system

The common cause of most cell room incidents is “hot” cell operation: the top of a membrane melts […]

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EMOS® Pinhole Dectector

The EMOS® Pinhole Detector, during a start-up or following a shutdown, automatically detects membrane […]

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EMOS® Early Detection Engine

Detecting abnormal cell behaviours before they become a safety issue can help prevent dramatic production losses […]

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EMOS® Advisory System

Things are not always as they appear, one slowly escalating parameter may not be problematic but combined with other factors, could lead to an incident […]

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EMOS® Single Cell Temperature Evaluator

The cell temperature depends on the performance of the individual cell. In an electrolyser the worst cell has the highest cell temperature and […]

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